ImageTerry Foegler gave an excellently organized and cogent update on the City of Dublin's Bridge Street Corridor plans. He reviewed the demographic and economic reasons why Bridge Street is important for keeping Dublin vital. He also discussed progress so far and talked about immediate and long-term plans, including a video of what the Bridge Street/Riverside Drive roundabout will look like. 

Unfortunately, your humble editor only captured the first three minutes, which you may view here

Fortunately, our own Sue Burness is on the case. Terry singled her out for great work getting the word out on the City's Bridge Street Corridor Web Page. This info-rich page has all the news on the corridor, including an informative video on the "why" of the Corridor and a look at the Riverside Drive Roundabout. Clink on these links to get the word.

Last week saw the installation of next's years officers and board, plus recognition of contributions for the past year.

Our 2014 Rookie of the Year is Sarah Richardson. Click on the link to see her accept the award. Your humble editor apologizes for the darkness of this and the other installation videos--the club had very low light conditions that day.

Our 2014 Rotarian of the Year is Kent Underwood; click to see his acceptance.


Julie Erwin Rinaldi was Inducted as President and is looking forward to a great and active year for the club.

Mike Close said an eloquent Goodbye to his duties and paid thanks to those who had been helpful to him with some special gifts.

Thanks, Mike, for your stable and great guidance of the club!