Posted by Ingrid Fields on Feb 01, 2019
Abbreviated Meeting Due to Weather – Today’s Announcements:  
Jim Bandeen is representing our Polar Bear Fundraising team and Dublin AM Rotary in an interview with Karina Nova at 6:50 AM on Channel 10 tomorrow Saturday February 2nd. Grab a warm cup of coffee and tune in early to watch and support Jim in his first live  TV appearance for our club.
Kent Underwood thank everyone for completing the surveys and to the folks that came out last night to participate in the visioning exercise. Some great ideas came out and great support for our Dublin AM Rotary Club. Look for more output over the next several weeks and months.
Progressive dinner - February 23th 2019 is the date.  
Sharon Kendall shared news about the 2019 New Generations Service Exchange.  This is a unique vocational exchange happening with Romania May 28th till June 17th.  Sharon shared that the eligible participants will be business professionals from 25 to 45.  For more information please text Sharon at 614- 286-0989.
The Rev. Stephen Smith shared the religious significance of February 2nd and shared a description of the winter days and CandleMas celebrating Jesus as a 6 week old baby boy being presented at Temple.  From CandleMas and the long winter shadows we have the origins of Groundhogs Day.
Wikipedia has quite the reference to Candlemas and the I am sure Rev. Stephen can share more about the Presentation of Jesus and the ritual purification of Mary for interested members.