Posted by Ingrid Fields
Gretchen Spears gave us a great update on her Rotary exchange year. She had the opportunity to stay with 3 families in Slovakia, 1 family from Radosovce and 2 Families from Skalica. During her time in Slovakia she experienced many opportunities; learning the culture, traveling across Europe and enjoying meeting new Friends. In addition, she studied Chemistry, Math and Physics and completed a full marathon!
She was very passionate about her time in Slovakia and remarked that the program gave her incredible insight to other cultures, showed her new ways of doing things and really got her outside of her comfort zone. In addition, it gave her additional confidence in herself and what she can achieve.
Gretchen was a model student for the program and we are so proud of how she represented Dublin AM during her time in Slovakia. Very soon we will be sending another Student, Chris to France to study for the upcoming school year. We will also be receiving Lara Kranke from Wilsdruff, German for the upcoming school year.
Thanks to Gretchen and good luck to Chris! Also thanks to Sinan Yaykin for his passion and dedication to making this program a success.
Other announcements:
  • First annual classic car show sponsored by Dublin AM and the historic Dublin business association will be held Sept 1st from 9-Noon. Please continue to spread the word.
  • The District Rotary meeting and training will be Saturday, August 24th in Zanesville. All are welcome, and our very Claudia Trusty will be presenting a session. Please reach out to Kent Underwood if you are interested in attending and carpooling to the meeting.